Half a billion SEK for research on road technology for 12 years

Photo: Jon Flobrandt/Unsplashed.

KTH, Lund University, Chalmer University, Luleå University have joined forces with The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) and the Swedish Transportation Administration (Trafikverket) and founded a new national road engineering competence centre (KCV).

”Road engineering is a multi-disciplinary field today, and enhancing the sustainability of road infrastructure is its main driver for development. The long-term financial support by the Swedish Transportation Administration for the new KCV centre will give a stability for academics to invest and engage in such a dynamic research field and will ensure that Sweden, in the long run, can become an international frontrunner in the subject”, says Nicole Kringos, professor in highway engineering at KTH and director of Road2Science.

Nicole Kringos is also the project coordinator of the new centre at KTH.

Find out more about the new competence centre at Trafikverket.se

To the website of the new competence centre.

KTH Transportation Stories with Professor Niki Kringos


The KTH Transportation Stories is a series of films developed by the KTH Transportation Platform and its former deputy director Professor Niki Kringos.

The series aims to highlight the KTH researchers’ work on all different kinds of transportation challenges, which are coupled in many different ways.

”The research we do is important, it has a long-term vision, and it is also a lot of fun,” says Niki Kringos in an interview about the film project.

Read the full interview here and watch the first film in the series. 

Transport Stories II – Transport in the information age – released | KTH


  • Nicole Kringos – Professor, Road Engineering
  • Romain Balieu – Researcher and Docent
  • Zhuhuan Liu – Doctoral student