Niki Kringos is keynote speaker at SOSE

Road2Science director professor Niki Kringos is one of the keynote speakers at the 16th Annual System of Systems Engineering Conference

Time:  2021-06-14 kl 15.00 –  2021-06-18 kl 19.00

Place: Online from Västerås, Sweden

From Via Appia to the Smart Road: How transportation infrastructure has become a system-of-systems

A paradigm shift is occurring in the role that physical infrastructure has within our built society. Where an unexpected structural failure of a traditional road would mostly affect the road users in a reduced quality and speed of their mobility, failing of a smart road has larger systemic consequences. A smart road also means namely an increase in functions and services that are provided or depend on the road. Payment services, information handling, road access control, road investments, technology procurement, legal responsibilities, maintenance models and modal versus systemic handling of the road all are an integrated part of the smart road. To be able to move forward successfully toward a transportation infrastructure system that supports a sustainable development of society, we need to manage this change process. Niki will take you on a journey from one of the most traditional engineering disciplines to one of the most complex and discuss the largest bears on the road ahead.

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